Yes, you heard it RIGHT! After years of following these guys the fans finally get a project!

to say the least we are STOKED! The twins took to their facebook and told their fans that its DROPPING on December 26th! The Project is a six track EP “Opposite Differences” set for the ear drums of their followers and supporters. The rumor has been brewing since the release of their new single “Kumbayah” which is doing wonderful online. It was the first single to be released since the twins took a two year break from music. Since the release of the record it has reached hundreds of thousands of people online, and now the twins are taking it to the next level!

The new EP “Opposite Differences” is Produced by The iWrek Twins them selves, this is no shocker to their fans, they’ve produced their own music all of their career, but this time they’ve teamed with Grammy nominated Bau Vallis who has a Huge track record for mixing and mastering for the Greats! There’s a chemistry these guys have with the music and its MAGICAL! All of the records on the EP is mastered by the Genius of an engineer! Tommy Wrekz, which is a cousin of the twins had a hand in the mixing of the EP, he’s Also featured on it as an artist! this is no astonishment because he mixed on “Beast” which is arguably one of the most profound records produced by The iWrek Twins.

This new journey of your favorite twins shall be interesting! And WE ARE HERE FOR IT! To the reader engaging in this blog, lets keep in mind that these guys are completely independent and they rely fully on us to support their art. They don’t have the resources and money that the major record labels have, so they need our help. Lets not forget to support these guys because they give us the art that we love and enjoy, and have been doing so for years. its important to like, share, comment, follow, stream, subscribe and tell friends about their art. Its not a light thing to appreciate them, they deserve it! with that being said, support these guys they need us! to hit the billboard “Artist to watch” they need the minimum of 1000 units sold of their EP. lets help them to be more visible in the industry, its time!

Thank you guys,
- Chelsea Mandruff

Meet The iWrek Twins

The iWrek Twins aren't simply a duo of identical twins making music together, but so much more. Their goal is to make killer tracks across diverse genres, from rap to rock, while bringing together the creative community under one roof. Their high quality productions generate a huge buzz online, including millions of views on youtube. They are also talented multi-instrumentalists. Besides giving life to their own songs, they also started the iWrek record label, and "The iWrek Twins LLC" to turn their noble quest into reality. The iWrek Twins are a power duo with a unique and forward-thinking vision: "providing therapeutic amusement to the outcasts of society, and spreading the truth". Their sound is like no other, they're identical twin artists with totally different elements of creativity, but the clash of musical genius is nutrition to the ears, souls and minds of this generation. The super producers came together for the rebels, the broken hearted and the innovators - "all of those people who started from nothing and have the desire of build something together. We see ourselves as a big family, empowering the talents and artists we work with, as well as reaching out to the fans and supporters". Find out what the buzz is about! Enjoy the music, videos, merchandise, and THE IWREK TWINS!